who we are

Keramettin TanriVerdi Ex Director of Tanriverdi Beheer BV. the Netherlands

We provide advice the right advice within a specific field, especially private as well as business community.

Residence and work permits, insurance transactions, mortgages and financing as an intermediary, real estate purchases and sell in Turkey. Our Service Strategy: At the center of the services provided by professionals the needs of our customers. All projects that are carried out within the framework of this strategy, we adopt the principle meeting customer needs and expectations at maximum level.

what do we offer

Property Management, Business Transactions.

Nearly half a century of business experiences.

We offer a complete property management package; purchase, rental, administrative / financial and technical management. We offer sharing services entirely according to your wishes.

We always strive for a cost-effective or profitable solution,

We are many languages ​​in house, we speak English, Dutch, German, Italian and Turkish

where to find us

On the aegean sea, at west coast of Turkey

Kusadasi’s advantageous location within a short distance of many major historical sites as Izmir, Miletos, Didyma, Priene, Nysa, Pamukkale, Bergama, Bodrum and Marmaris, as well as Ephesusm, the House of the Virgin Marry and Aphrodisias make it an important centre for touristic trade. Kusadasi is a well close to the Greek Island of Samos

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Nearly half a century of business experience, we are here for you.