Close to the port of Kusadasi, the eighties were a great time., Young and strong doing business as a world savior. After a long pause, it is now time to do other things, give freelance advice to individuals and companies about the accumulated experiences.

At a young age I went to England with my Sixteenth for a Study interpreter and learn language, it was a nice experience for me. in my seventies I moved to the Netherlands. I started my first catering company in Arnhem, the Netherlands.Expandedd over the years to Eindhoven, Uden, Zevenaar. Purchase and sale of real estate, tour operator, travel agency and hotels  

Great times in the eighties, beautiful memories

In eighties, it was the beginning of starting business in Turkey, first guests and acquaintances from the Netherlands. Izmir-Turkey  

A different history

As a young man I went to Istanbul with my sixteen for a study interpreter and to learn language, it is the beginning of my long journey to the west, I study and in the evening I sales souvenir in the square of   Hagia Sophia and Sultan Ahmed Moschee I knew three girls from different countries (usa, Canada, uk) who have become my regular customers, a few days later asks me if I want to show my birth place. It was okay begin of adventures, a few months later i was already in England it is a long history I can write a big book about that.   was a nice experience for me. in the seventies I moved to the Netherlands.  
Orient Express
I got on Orient Express at Istanbul Sirkeci train station, it is no longer an international train station, the Sirkeci terminal now serves as one of the city’s two intercity and commuter train stations.
Catering companies in Arnhem Netherlands, expanded over the years to Eindhoven , Uden , Zevenaar. Tour Operating, Travel Agency and Hotels.
It was also wine business in my portfolio, I buy wines for my own company as well as for the other various catering and retail outlets. I met a gentleman from Italy Dott. Giuseppe Marabini, great cooperation and good experiences.

One of our other branches

I started my first catering company in Arnhem the Netherlands, extensively to Eindhoven, Uden, Zevenaar. Over the years expanded with tour operator, travel agency and hotels..

It’s a thing of the past, now it’s time to do other things and give advice to the third parties of the built-up experiences.

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